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For 7 days, education, training, exams and socializing were conducted on the
very beautiful, trendy island of Mallorca. New employees also had the opportunity to get to know their
colleagues in pleasant ways. On one of the days, a boat trip was arranged on the ancient
ship RV from the 19th century. The boat cruised along the west coast of Majorca and offered both
delicious BBQ and cooling dips in the phenomenal turquoise water.

The participants had pre-selected different activities that they could participate in during free time throughout the week, catamaran, horseback riding, cycling, cave diving etc.

The dinners were arranged at various restaurants in Palma and the surrounding area. The bar was already set
the first evening, when the participants got to experience a unique dinner at a beautifully located small farm from the 19th century, carefully restored by the siblings Lena and Toni.
The chefs served food from different food stations and nice colleagues, grills, fires, wine barrels,
orange and almond trees and much more contributed to a magical experience.

During the closing night, Harry Potter and Stig Helmer mingled with Dirty Harry and others. on a
private restaurant overlooking the port of Palma when the theme for the evening's dinner was
"A NIGHT AT THE MOVIES". The evening was immortalized with the help of "Beccy from the Bronx", a trendy
character who in her broad American accent made the guests relax in front of the camera.

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